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Lingo-Late is for Language Lovers & Travelers.

If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll want to know at least some essential words and phrases used in the country or region you’ll be in.
We believe that the first 10+ polite phrases and greetings in a local language could and should be learned by any traveler.
They include words and phrases such as:

Thanks/Thank you
You’re welcome
Excuse me
Good morning
Hello/Good Day
Good evening
Do you speak English?
(for English speakers)

Just imagine that a foreigner in YOUR (English-speaking) country were to ask, answer or greet you in his or her language – and not with one of those words or phrases above.
And when you are traveling abroad, wouldn’t it be appropriate that you used greetings and polite phrases in that country’s language?
You say “Everybody speaks English anyway?”
Well, this may be true in some countries, but even in those – when you travel off the beaten track, you might be surprised, how often this is not so.
And, in any case, just making an effort to communicate in the local language will often produce a smile and sometimes even surprising benefits!

What are you waiting for?
Click on one of the languages and start learning and practicing!
And test yourself with the Quizlet games.