Lingo-Late for Language Lovers & Travelers

Lingo-Late is the website that speaks to those who love language(s) and want to know at least some essential words and phrases when they travel.
Your interest in languages and travel may have started or restarted later in life.
You may like to travel alone or with friends.
You may not yet have become fluent in a foreign language.
But you’ve discovered the benefits of learning or relearning a language not because you HAVE to, but because you WANT to:

  • Keep your mind sharp
  • Show your interest in the local language and culture
  • Enjoy your travels more by connecting with people
  • Know the essential foreign words and phrases when you travel

Lingo-Late invites its users to share their language and travel experiences and contribute to the essential 50+ essential words and phrases that will eventually be available on the site for most of the European languages.